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Acorn Hi Mag 15


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Mineral Lick Bucket contains Copper
A mineral feeding stuff designed for feeding to cows- both dairy and suckler- as an old in the prevention of grass tetany. Grass tetany is most common in dairy herds up to the end of June following turnout to spring grass, and may also occur in autumn calving dairy cows at grass. In herds with a history of milk fever, feeding the Acorn Hi-MAG Block prior to calving, will help reduce the incidence of milk fever.In suckler cows the stress associated with weaning and outwintering tends to predispose animals to grass tetany.?In addition to containing 15% Magnesium, this high specification block also includes the 6 essential trace elements which will improve the trace element status of a herd, thus reducing the incidence of problems associated with mineral deficiencies such as impaired feed digestion, infertility, poor growth and development of embryos, lack of thrive in suckling calves etc.
Size: 20kg

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Weight 20 kg