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Baileys No 4 Top Line Conditioning Cubes



Highly digestible non-heating cubes for condition, top line and performance.

So digestible and concentrated that they do not have to be fed by the bucket-full.

Cereal content is meticulously micronised to ensure the cubes are as digestible as possible and non-heating energy is absorbed in the foregut.

Fully balanced – no need to add a balancer unless feeding less than recommended amounts.

Quality protein supplies the necessary amino acids to build muscle and healthy tendons and ligaments, without the need for expensive supplements (when fed at recommended levels).

Contain probiotic yeast and Digest Plus prebiotic to promote gut health and digestive efficiency with grapeseed extract to provide an enhanced natural antioxidant package that supports the immune system and aids performance and recovery.

Additional antioxidant support from vitamin E and organic selenium ensures healthy muscle function.

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Weight 20 kg