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Eqvalan Duo




Eqvalan Duo Horse Wormer (Ivermectin, Praziquantel) is an oral paste wormer for horses containing ivermectin and Praziquantel as it’s active ingredients. Eqvalan Duo Horse Wormer treats a range of internal parasites, including small and large redworms, lungworms, pinworms and bots in horses.

Active Ingredient: Ivermectin, Praziquantel

Target Species: Horse

Treats and Controls: Large redworms, Small redworms, Pinworms, Lungworms, Ascarids, Stomach worms, Intestinal threadworms, Cutaneous worms, Bots

Administration Method: Oral paste

Withdrawal Time: Withdrawal period for meat and offal is 30 days. Do not use in mares producing milk for human consumption.

Dosage for Horses: Each syringe is sufficient to dose a horse up to 600kg.

Always read the label and all enclosed information for Eqvalan duo horse wormer before administering to animals!

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