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Milky Starter Pencils


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  • 18% high energy/protein nut – suitable feeding from 3 days of age until 6 mths of age
  • Contains optimal level of fibre to enhance rumen function – beet pulp/soya hulls
  • Formulated using energy sources such as maize, wheat & barley
  • Protein derived from soya bean, maize distillers & rapeseed meal
  • Contains Live Yeast to aid the development of the rumen; stabilize rumen conditions;enhance nutrient absorption and encourage intake
  • Includes special flavours to enhance palatability & encourage intake
  • Contains whey to ease the transition at weaning from milk to concentrate
  • Contains hi spec calf minerals & vitamin package – High Phosphorus
  • Contains full fat soya to maximise the available protein & energy density of the nut
  • Can be fed indoors along with straw or silage and similarly, at grass throughout the summer

Size: 25kg

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Weight 25 kg