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TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer



A fully comprehensive range of the micronutrients needed to balance feed and improve its utilisation, even in the most demanding or stressful situations.
High quality protein, plus vitamin E and selenium to optimise topline through muscle development and function.
Powerful levels of vitamin E and selenium, vital anti-oxidants, to help maintain healthy cell function. Important for broodmares, horses on high oil diets, and horses with muscle function problems.
Biotin, methionine, cysteine, lysine, zinc, copper, iodine, vitamin A and soya oil to promote supple skin and a shiny coat.
Effective levels of protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, copper, zinc and manganese to develop and maintain strong bone.
Constructive levels of amino acids, complex carbohydrates and anti-oxidants to help maintain healthy joints. For horses with joint problems we recommend either adding 10:10 Joint Support supplement or changing to Joint Feed Balancer.
The level of biotin (15mg/500kg horse/day) that is scientifically proven to improve hoof quality, plus the levels of methionine, cysteine, lysine, calcium, zinc, copper, iodine, vitamin A and soya oil known to improve the efficiency of biotin alone.
Raised levels of copper, zinc, B vitamins and associated nutrients to optimise haemoglobin levels in blood.
High levels of vitamin A, C and E, plus pure, protected yeast, MOS (Mannan Oligosaccharides) and omega 3 fatty acids which help to maintain a healthy immune system.
Generous levels of B vitamins for efficient energy metabolism, vital for horses with compromised hindgut function.
Probiotic and prebiotic yeast products to create a healthy gut environment, optimise fibre digestibility and help to maintain a healthy immune system.
A pure, protected probiotic yeast. Research has shown that the yeast used by TopSpec not only significantly improves fibre digestibility in the horse but also significantly improves the overall digestibility of feed when horses are fed a ration containing 70% forage and 30% concentrates. This allows horses to gain much more benefit from their diet. This pure, protected yeast has full approval under the latest EU legislation for use in feeds for horses of all ages, including foals.
Prebiotic mannan oligosaccharides (MOS). This is a constituent of yeast cell walls. It bonds with pathogenic (bad) bacteria, removing them from the gut, leaving the beneficial bacteria free to multiply. The combined effect of the two yeast products is a healthy gut environment with optimised digestive efficiency.
Organic chelated trace-elements for improved availability.
Many factors to help relax behaviour. Comprehensive Feed Balancer is available in 20kg sacks, which last a 500kg horse for 40 days or a 250kg pony for 80 days.

Size: 20kg

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